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Welcome to Beef & Bourbon

What Is This Blog?
Our Logo

Welcome to Beef & Bourbon, a lifestyle blog that covers meat (Beef) and spirits (Bourbon). So now you know it is not just a clever name. We will talk about so much more than just these two things, but we do have a promise to you: we will never be preachy and we will never make you scroll past a long story to get to a recipe.

But that doesn't really answer the question.

The primary focus here is to share love of food, drink, and friends. To talk about what is on our mind in pop culture, investing, or whatever else from our individual perspectives. Not really trying to change any minds, but just to talk amongst friends, hopefully not too disagreeably, about pleasurable things.

Our Story

Beef & Bourbon was founded in 2021 when two friends, The Commish and SleepyP, started tossing around the idea of buying a brewery. A clever name, a catchy logo, and a domain purchase later, Beef & Bourbon was slightly tangible, but the brewery was not. Still isn't. A few of us started pitching ideas, and

Pouring a drink

after a particularly successful fundraising event for Riley's Children Hospital of Indianapolis, it was decided - a lifestyle blog from a lot of different voices for the fun of it. No one remembers if it was a lost "all in" hand or an actual good idea.

Where to Begin?

Please take a moment to tour around - check out our review section or recipes first, then maybe read a writer's introduction to get a better idea of who we are individually. Feel free to check out our free Discord or our Subreddit if you want to engage with us directly; always open to feedback, ideas, and corrections.

Pour a finger or two, relax, and enjoy. Thank you for coming to Beef & Bourbon.

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