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Sip The Bird: Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Updated: Jan 10

Maker's Mark Bottle


I don't really know anything about bourbon. Very smooth and soft, fantastic exhale, just a great few sips when neat. Rocks brought out a harshness and burn that was not welcome. Would like to try it with soda and a twist of lemon. Drizly 750ml $31.99

To Beginnings

Brand new year, brand new blog - let us start with something old. This bottle of Maker's Mark is the only true bourbon in my collection. It was a gift from my father from his trip down to Loretta in 2015, a robust 8 years ago come November, so more like 7 right now. I have never opened it, but I figured this was special enough, so I broke the wax and began.


One ounce, old fashioned glass, neat. I let it sit for about five minutes and enjoyed the drifting wisps of citrus, namely orange. Golden color is very appealing and ethereal, everything suggests delicate and light. I take a deep smell with the rim pressed against my philtrum - smells like it could clean a cut, hot and boozy. It is smooth on the lips, almost like wax, and coats the mouth well and softly - I am surprised at how soft this 90+ proof whisky is. It tastes like, well sorry everyone, it tastes like booze - it is hot but the swallow is warming and smooth, with a hot exhale that stays in the chest a moment. I count to 30; no back bite or aftertaste at all, a clean finish, with a warm throat that wants another sip.


One ounce, old fashioned glass, whiskey stones from the freezer. OK, time to try it on the rocks, only fair. I go for the stones rather than pellet ice, not really sure why, it just felt right. No water, isn't that the proper way? The smell is muted, not as strong, and has a hint of chalkboard - bodes ill - I begin to doubt my choice immediately. My first drink is not cold at all and it is harsher than neat. It sort of smacks my gums with a bite afterward. Totally surprised, I figured cold would mute everything, like it did the smell, instead I just pissed it off. Maybe my rocks are old or dirty? My exhale is more relief than ruminative, filled with frowns. I drink some water and go back to my first glass to wrap up the tasting.


I feel like it is a good start. Boozy, hot, smells like it should. As a neophyte, I enjoyed it neat very much, comparable to a mid-range rum, and I bet it would just be the snake's pajamas with soda and a twist of lemon. I am still too ignorant to speak of flavors, so I will leave it at that.

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