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Introducing The Commish

Updated: Jan 6

I'd like to start with a simple question:

How have the past 3ish years been for you?!

Now this is the first time I have attempted to write a blog, review or done any writing purely for entertainment. I feel inspired to start now because of the simple question that has been on my mind for a while, well basically 3 years! Yes, there has been a lot of negativity throughout the world, the web and pretty much any mainstream news source over this time so what would help take my mind off everything?

Eating and Drinking, Beef and Bourbon (and we certainly can't forget the friendships)! There is so much amazing meat to eat, bourbon to drink, and hot damn do they go well together! So many people give great insight on where to find the best stuff and can give complex and extremely accurate breakdowns on how to "drink the bourbon" and "smoke the meat". I will not be nearly so discerning, however I do hope that I can provide you with some fun, some recommendations and most important of all, comradery while we explore the meats and the drinks together.

I won't always stay strictly on topic, though B&B will always be looming. Branching out and learning about each other, building a rapport, that is crucial to ensuring we can all enjoy exploring the meat and drink world together. You will definitely see me post on my interests, including the Bengals, Cigars, Movies, D&D, Wrestling and DC Comics! You get the picture, nerd stuff!

In addition to the passions above, I have a wonderful wife, who is my world, and does all of the smoking, along with my loving daughter, also a gamer!

So please, comment, ask, request! I look forward to learning about you and hope you will feel the same!

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