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Introducing Strange Bird

Hi And Hello.

This all feels very vain to me, truth be told, introducing myself with a nom de plume to some theoretical reader who cares, like that song really is about me, the ghastly horror of it all! Can you even imagine? But, here we are, and here we go.

Why The Name?
Trader Nic's Orange Bird Tiki Mug, 2022
Trader Nic's Orange Bird Tiki Mug, 2022

Great start, yes, why call myself Strange Bird? Well, first and foremost, I am primarily a vegetarian that drinks rum, and that is a pretty odd fellow on a Beef & Bourbon webpage don't you think? Truth is, I fancy a good shoulder or butt from time to time, I did say "primarily", and it is good to have a little variety on a blog; we can't all drink Pappy Van Winkle and still be interesting. Consider me the color then, and well, one does want a hint of color.

So Who Are You?

Aside from a guy that drinks rum and likes plants? I am in my early 40s, a software consultant, a husband, and a father. I have played Dungeons & Dragons (and similar) for over 30 years, and I dabble in painting, writing, and gaming when not engaged in home maintenance, family time, and various other pursuits. I am a terrible cook, a great baker, and an absolute dandy when the mood strikes me. I enjoy a good book, a bike ride, and lifting weights to improve my mind and body. I listen to a wide variety of music, love to share my opinions on television and movies, and believe myself to be an authority on the culture of gaming, rums, and music without any credentials what-so-ever to back that up.

Brevity Is The Soul Of Wit

I will let Polonius see us out. Until next time.

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