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Introducing 0x on the Rocks

Hello 0x on the Rocks reporting in. I am a nerd through and through. When I am not enjoying the finer elements of a nice Bourbon, Blanton's is my go to, or smoking a delicious beef brisket, you'll find me sitting at my computer trying to figure out a new Stock Option strategy or reading about macroeconomics. Whether it's reading FED releases, trying to figure out how the next major data release will impact the market, or debating the merits of different investment strategies, I am always eager to dive into the world of finance.

In addition to being a finance nerd, you can find me watching an NFL football game, playing a video game, or playing board games with my family. I also enjoy discussing the merits of different business ideas. A fun night for me is sitting around with my friends discussing business ideas, eating a variety of smoked meats, and enjoying a smooth glass of bourbon. Throw in some poker and I'd call it a perfect night.

When I am not geeking out about finance or video games, I love spending time with my wife and son. My son is very passionate about baseball and we spend a lot of time driving around to different practices and going to tournaments in the spring. Our big family goal is to see a baseball game in every MLB park. We started our journey in 2022, going to 2 ballparks, so we have a long way to go but we'll get there! Let me know if you have any suggestions about the best ball park or something fun we should do in an MLB city.

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